Face Masks

Cosmoveda Ayurvedic facial masks – the special care

Our ayurvedic masks are the icing on the cake of Ayurveda facial care. They treat and nourish the skin with particularly intensive care. Once or twice a week, or whenever the skin needs a more care, a facial mask adapted to the actual skin needs is the right thing to harmonize the skin. The high concentration of precious ayurvedic herbs, woods and spices combined with ayurvedic Taila herbal oil and valuable organic vegetable oils gives the skin intensive impulses for regeneration. Dosha influences can be balanced. The skin is vitalized and actively supported in its own activity.

Give yourself and your skin the pampering attention and loving care they deserve.
Tip: First, use gentle cleansing to lay the foundation for optimally effective development of the fine-energizing powers of the Ayurveda face mask. Let the mask gently melt in the fingers and then spread it out of the center of the face in fine circular movements on the facial skin. Also include neck and décolleté. Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes to relax and feel how the valuable ingredients on your skin develop their effect. Gently massage the remains of the mask after the exposure, or remove with a damp cloth. For an extra moisturizing kick afterwards with Cosmoveda Organic Rose Blossom Water, Tonika or our Beauty Gel refresh the skin.

Our rich oil masks can be easily heated and mixed with yogurt, curd, honey, healing earth, aloe vera or blossom water. This way, you can adapt your Ayurveda mask perfectly to the needs of your skin

NCS certified natural cosmetics – Tailam system care with proven ayurvedic effectiveness

Balance Mask - Amla 50ml

€ 12,21 RRP € 17,45 you save 30% (€ 5,23)

€ 24,43 pro 100 ml

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Regeneration Mask - Rose Safflower 50ml

€ 19,40

€ 38,80 pro 100 ml

incl. 16 % VAT excl. shipping costs