Ayurvedic Wellness Natural Cosmetics with revitalizing ginger

The gentle smell of genuine orange blossoms from the Moroccan highlands combines in our Ayurveda wellness line ginger harmoniously with the fresh-spicy aroma of the ginger root. Together with our special ayurvedic herbal oil Taila, this care line regulates the tendency to oily, pale, large-pored and impurity-prone skin. Kapha influences are balanced and the balance is supported.
The Taila herbal oil with ginger and tulsi, which is made in a complex, traditional ayurvedic procedure, cares and regulates the skin tending to Kapha. Valuable organic vegetable oils such as the particularly light thistle oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil provide the skin with important nutrients. Sheabutter and cocoa butter keep them smooth and soft. Valuable orange blossom water pampers the senses, supports the skin regeneration and regulates the moisture balance optimally. Fresh and quite fragrant rosewood rounds off the sensually invigorating character of the care line ginger.

Kapha-Balance – NCS certified natural cosmetics

Kapha is the bioenergy in Ayurveda, which is made up of the elements water and earth. In the Kapha constitution type, the Kapha Dosha dominates the two other bioenergies – Vata and Pitta – which are also effective in every human being. The distribution of the three bioenergies Vata, Pitta and Kapha is fixed at birth and determines the individual human constitution. Since Kapha is associated with moist, cold and oily properties, the Kapha skin tends to produce sluggish lipid metabolism, edema, pallor caused by poor skin circulation and greasy skin. Kapha care therefore has a firming and moisturizing effect. Our gentle ayurvedic care keeps the skin in its bioenergetic balance. Kapha disorders can regulate themselves and the skin in their healthy and radiant state be led back. Kapha is particularly strong during youth and climatically in spring. In order to keep the dosha in balance, we recommend to pamper the skin with our Kapha series particulary intensively.

Exotic enchanting fragrance with proven ayurvedic effect