Quality management

COSMOVEDA – quality control from the raw material to the finished product.

Cosmoveda leads almost exclusively products from our own production, which are produced under strict quality criteria.

So the raw materials used is subject to extensive checks and come mostly from own organic and fair trade projects. Both raw materials as well as finished products are tested by independent laboratories and are subject to regular inspections of national investigation authorities. Dr. Claudia Batram, head of our internal quality assurance, monitored in the framework of an HACCP quality and risk management concept, production processes and production standards.

COSMOVEDA – safe certified organic from the beginning.

Cosmoveda was founded as a pure BIO company for over 15 years ago. The organic standards set by the European Union define cream conditions for the production and processing of raw materials and finished products with the intention of most natural, unpolluted by chemical and environmental toxins and residue-free living and nutritional supplements to secure. The EU organic standard guarantees:

COSMOVEDA – high quality products for more well-being, quality of life and joy of life.

For our dear customers, we do everything to ensure the best possible product quality and make wonderful experience rooms for a conscious life. In a spirit of partnership of benevolence, in which customers are our friends, the desire for continuous improvement our motor and the quest / the manifestation of after happiness and fulfillment our scale / content / vision / anchor point, heart's desire (from deep heart adult), we would like to invite you to develop our projects with us and to make and to meet Cosmoveda, the Lotus life Foundation or the life campus with creative life.