Quality promise

What differentiates us from other Ayurveda manufacturers and what makes COSMOVEDA products so unique?

Safe certified organic quality right from the start.

Our company was founded more than 20 years ago as a pure ORGANIC company and differs fundamentally from other Ayurveda manufacturers who have implemented the strict ORGANIC standards and certifications only little or very late and mostly only via sub-ranges.

Complete quality control from the raw material to the finished product.

We only carry products from our own production that are produced under strict quality criteria. The raw materials used are subject to our internal control standards and preferably come from our own organic cultivation and fair trade projects. Of course, both raw materials and finished products are checked by independent laboratories and are subject to regular controls by governmental inspection bodies. Our internal quality assurance monitors quality and risk management concepts, production processes and production standards as part of our own HACCP.

The result is high quality Ayurveda products that deserve your name.

Our products, which follow Ayurvedic principles in terms of purity, quality and composition, go through a wide range of sensory and analytical tests in order to guarantee you consistent and uncompromising quality.

So you can dive into a new lifestyle tailored to your needs, unencumbered, happy and relaxed, for more well-being, zest for life and quality of life.

COSMOVEDA stands for the best quality you can rely on.

Günther Eckerle, managing director