Ayurvedic Wellness Natural Cosmetics with charming Damascena Rose

The gentle, flowery note of the genuine Damascena Rose from the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria is a treat for skin and senses. The precious rose fragrance together with our special Ayurveda herbal oil Taila harmonizes and soothes to normal to sensitive, impure and irritated skin. The Ayurveda Wellness Line Rose is gentle on pitta influences on the skin.
The Taila herbal oil with Shatavari and Kumari made in a complex, traditional ayurvedic procedure nourishes and soothes stressed skin. Valuable organic vegetable oils, such as the coconut oil known for its cooling properties, evening primrose oil and sweet almond oil, smoothly smooth the skin together with shea butter and mango butter. The fresh juice of the organic aloe vera mentioned in the Ayurveda Kumari cools, relaxes and fills the moisture deposits of the skin together with precious rose blossom water. The scent of the exhilarating Damascena rose oil relaxes and opens the heart for the beauty of the world. Fresh and quite fragrant rosewood rounds off the sensual character of the care line Rose perfectly.

Pitta-Balance – high-quality natural cosmetics

Pitta is the bioenergy in Ayurveda, which is made up of the elements fire and some water. In the Pitta constitution, the Pitta Dosha dominates the two other bioenergies – Vata and Kapha – which are also effective in every human being. The distribution of the three bioenergies Vata, Pitta and Kapha is fixed at birth and determines the individual human constitution. Since Pitta is associated with the properties hot and sharp, the Pitta skin tends to redness, inflammation and sensitivity when disturbed by dosha balance. Pitta care is therefore primarily cooling, soothing and moisture-regulating. Our gentle ayurvedic care keeps the skin in its bioenergetic balance. Pitta disorders can regulate themselves and the skin in their healthy and radiant state be led back. Pitta is growing in the middle age and climatically in the summer. In order to keep the dosha in balance, we recommend to pamper the skin with our Pitta series particulary intensively.

Exotic enchanting fragrance with proven ayurvedic effect

Rose Bath Salt 200g

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€ 4,95 pro 100 g

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Rose Shower Gel 150ml

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Rose Shampoo 150ml

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Rose Face Cream 50ml

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€ 59,80 pro 100 ml

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