Ayurvedic Wellness Natural Cosmetics with beguiling jasmine

The lovely, aphrodisiac note of genuine Jasmins from Kashmir in our Ayurveda wellness line jasmine leads us into the enchanting world of exotic nights. The precious jasmine fragrance together with our special Ayurveda herbal oil Taila harmonizes with dry and demanding skin. Vata influences are gently regulated and the balance supported.
The Taila herbal oil with Ashwagandha and Bala, which is produced in a complex, traditional ayurvedic procedure, harmonizes and nourishes the dry skin. Shea butter and mango butter pamper and care intensively. Valuable organic vegetable oils such as wild rose oil, avocado oil and almond oil ensure pleasant suppleness. Fresh organic aloe vera replenishes the skin's moisture deposits. The enchanting fragrance of the wonderful, white Ylang Ylang blossoms rounds off the sensual character of our care line Jasmine perfectly.

Vata Balance – high-quality natural cosmetics

Vata is the bioenergy in Ayurveda, which consists of the elements air and ether. In the Vata constitution type, the Vata Dosha dominates the two other bioenergies - Pitta and Kapha - which are also effective in every human being. The distribution of the three bioenergies Vata, Pitta and Kapha is fixed at birth and determines the individual human constitution. Since Vata is associated with dry, cold and mobile properties, the Vata skin tends to dryness and brittleness when the dosha balance is disturbed. Vata care is therefore primarily harmonizing, smoothing and moisture regulating. Our gentle ayurvedic care keeps the skin in its bioenergetic balance. Vata disorders can regulate themselves and the skin in their healthy and radiant state be led back.
Vata increases in mature years and climatically in autumn. In order to keep the dosha in balance, we recommend to pamper the skin with our Vata series particulary intensively.

Exotic enchanting fragrance with proven ayurvedic effect


Jasmine Bath Salt

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€ 4,95 pro 100 g

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Jasmine Shower Gel 150ml

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€ 7,27 pro 100 ml

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Jasmine Shampoo 150ml

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Jasmine Face Cream 50ml

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€ 59,80 pro 100 ml

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